Terms and conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of Just 2 Swap.

To use this service, you should be aware of our terms and conditions. Though a service open to help everyone, Just 2 Swap shall not be held responsible for misuse of this service or engagement in anything contrary to our terms and conditions.

In order for an authentic and clear knowledge; the first paragraphs are definitions;

First, Just 2 Swap is a service which literally finds people who are ready to send or receive money anywhere across the globe. Its main objective is to help you find them and on their permission, share their contact with you. Just 2 Swap is a service that helps people who want to send money across the globe to find those who want to receive money.

Secondly, who is a USER? A Just 2 Swap user is anyone who registers on Just 2 Swap, who has at any time, carried out a process of swapping; whether halfway, or until finalization.

Just 2 Swap is a product of Transingenium Technologies Private Limited, an IT and Consulting Company with registered office in Karnataka State, India. The term 'company' throughout this document shall refer to Transingenium Technologies Private Limited and the term 'service' shall refer to Just 2 Swap.

A swapper refers to a user on Just 2 Swap whose swap request has a successful bargain, or any user whose bargain has been accepted, or any user who has swapped in the past.

Kindly have knowledge of the following, in other case, we are not responsible for your lack of knowledge should you encounter any misfortune disclaimed below.


By using Just 2 Swap;

  • You acknowledge and authorize that information concerning the location of your mobile device may be used to assess location. Location may be obtained at any time while logged into this website. Location information will not be disclosed to others. You expressly agree that you authorize Just 2 Swap to collect and use your location as a part of the Just 2 Swap website and eligibility for use of the website.
  • Just 2 Swap shall not be used for any illegal purposes; including but not limited to finding swappers in order to receive or send money gotten from sales of contrabands, and any of such things which is illegal or immoral. Just 2 Swap shall not be held liable in any way, for the decisions users take as long as swapping is concerned. Users are wholly responsible for the use of the information they have, including any legal consequences.


Upon registering with Just 2 Swap, you agree to the following;

  • That you are up to 16 years of age.
  • That you are giving Just 2 Swap the permission to use your information for the purposes of enhancing your swap processes.
  • That you are also giving the company the permission to use your information across its platforms as long as it will enhance your user experience and provide you with related information.
  • That you will not use Just 2 Swap for any fraudulent activities.
  • That Just 2 Swap can contact you through email, phone call, SMS or any other means to resolve related swap issues.
  • That Just 2 Swap can disclose your personal details including address and location to the concerned authorities in case your account is flagged for fraudulent transactions.


Just 2 Swap has no personal currency converter. All our users get the same conversion which is the live conversion rate at any one time. The conversion rate changes when the live and global conversion changes. This can be for your benefit or not, depending on what the conversion is at the time of your swap. We advise every user to stick to the conversion rate on Just 2 Swap and discontinue any conversion otherwise put across by any opposite swapper.


Upon finalization of the bargain with a swapper;

  • Just 2 Swap no longer has power over the opposite swapper, which entails that it is now the sole duty of each swapper to communicate and see through to receiving their amounts. However, you can update to a premium service, in which Just 2 Swap will be a middleman to make sure both parties receive their swap amounts safely
  • It is not in the place of Just 2 Swap to make the other swapper respond your chats and calls to further initiate the Swapping.


  • Just 2 Swap doesn't take charge or take commission form anyone from the beginning of the swap request till the finalization.
  • All our swappers are hereby warned not to take any charge or commission from anyone whom they are swapping with, for any reasons whatsoever.
  • If any swapper increases the amount, as opposed to the amount concluded upon on Just 2 Swap, Just 2 Swap shall not be held liable. We therefore urge our swappers to discontinue any such swapping, except on mutual consents.


Just 2 Swap has the right to dissolve/block any account it finds malicious, suspicious or any account which has been reported as threatening the safe swapping processes of our users.

Kindly note; Just 2 Swap reserves the right to adjust and update these terms and conditions in the future without prior notification. It is advisable to check out the changes from time to time.

Last modified: 9th April 2018