Safety tips

Just as any beautiful thing that is designed to make life easy, Just 2 Swap is one such application which malicious people can decide to use in making life miserable for everyone.

We do not love these kinds of people but life is free and an open space too. So these people have to coexist. We just need to learn how to live with them and avoid their malicious acts.

We are putting down a few guidelines to help you be safe whenever you make a swap request or bargain on Just 2 Swap. We will continue to advocate for good behaviour and modesty. We will do the best we can to fish out people who make it difficult for others to enjoy this beautiful service.

On your own part, endeavour to report anything suspicious. Drop us a mail at care[at]just2wap[dot]com.

  • Avoid sharing your personal details in notes and comments.
  • When you are contacted by another swapper, start by confirming the reference number. Request them to give you the reference number of your swap request. Check the reference number against the one in your panel.
  • We strongly recommend that all transactions be made through banking channels. Avoid one on one contact to make swap request. Always insist to be given an account number to make payments or any other means of payment available and convenient to you.
  • In the event where you have no choice but to meet one on one to make a swap, take along a trusted friend and try to meet the swapper in public places. Avoid confined spaces.
  • Avoid making one on one contacts at very late hours.
  • We recommend you simultaneously make your swaps or bring in third parties to facilitate the process. Just 2 Swap offers a premium service where it acts as a middleman for your swap. We strongly recommend you upgrade to the premium service to stay safe while using Just 2 Swap.
  • In the event of multiple transactions, we recommend you select the request with the city closest to yours if not yours.
  • Avoid making huge transactions on Just 2 Swap without using a third party or signing up for our premium service.
  • Remember that Just 2 Swap was designed to facilitate your money transfer request. Just 2 Swap is not a dating service, so avoid engaging in unnecessary conversations with swappers.
  • In the event where a swapper is harassing you, send the email ID and number or whichever information you have to us via care[at]just2wap[dot]com. We will take immediate action to sanction this user account on our platform and proceed further out of our platform if need be.
  • We recommend you close your swap request whenever it is completed. This way, you can avoid repeated emails and text messages to your number.
  • In the event of multiple swap requests, your best option is the verified request. A sponsored request is not equivalent to a verified swap request.

Get going with these few tips and we will bring to you more tips on how to be safe as we progress on this journey.